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Our Mission
Hands & Associates, Inc. is in business to empower our customers to take control of their environmental and safety risks as enhancements to their overall endeavor.
Watch for our Educational Seminar in Detroit

Ever wonder just WHY you need to do a Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessment? Or a SARA ((313)) Form R Report, or an annual wastewater report, or a…well you get the point – why are all these environmental reports and regulations around in the first place? We get asked that question a lot (and have witnessed some heated debates at reporting workshops that we attend!)


To help understand the genesis of these reports and regulations (and not just when they are due and how to complete them), we are pleased to present a series of informal educational breakfast seminars with the goal of:

bulletProviding understanding of the background science behind certain environmental regulations and programs;
bulletHelp you understand what's going on underground if you have a soil or groundwater contamination problem, (or might have one);
bulletGive you a chance to ask burning questions (like how do they know if it's MY contamination, why can't I just leave it alone);
bulletJust what the heck do they mean by, ITSL, GSI, bugs, perched groundwater, RAP (not the music)


Future dates and locations to be announced

Time: 8:30 am-10:30 am

Our Focus
We are a specialized environmental consulting firm working to make a difference. The consulting firm, founded in 1993 is located in Detroit. Hands & Associates, Inc. is a leader in providing ISO 14001, environmental management and air quality tools and services to customers in the industrial, energy and health services sectors.

Our environmental consulting focus is not on addressing historical issues, but in developing proactive management systems that are proven to improve environmental and safety performance.
What  We Do
For some customers, we prepare air permits.  For others, we manage 
remediation projects. So are we confined to services we offer to one 
customer? Probably not. Our vision is to work with customers to develop 
the systems that they need to manage the environmental and safety
aspects of a process.

How do we do this? We provide basic environmental consulting tasks such as preparing air quality and other environmental permits (PSD, NSR, TSDF), performing air dispersion modeling, dealing with waste management issues, preparing regulatory reports (Form R, MAERS, etc.), Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, and Baseline Environmental Assessments (BEAs). These are task-based services and facilities need these to meet specific regulatory requirements.

We also provide tools such as SmartForms™ to develop 
recordkeeping systems, File-Logic™ to start a formal Safety or 
Environmental Management System (EMS), Operation Reviews to get 
a snapshot view of a Safety or EMS, and Mock Inspections to test an 

Finally, based on our experience in performing the tasks 
described above, we assist customers to develop robust EMSs. The 
term "environmental management system" or EMS is broad and each 
business has its own requirement or vision for such a system. We see 
that it can be viewed from perspectives of ISO 14001, Clean Corporate 
Citizen (CCC) or simply, managing the environmental aspect of an 
operation through File-Logic™, or a Stealth EMS™.




The hardcopy filing system that takes the anxiety out of regulatory inspections. File-Logic is a structured method for storing and finding valuable compliance-related documents.  Both environmental and safety modules are available. 
How's your filing system for Environmental Compliance?