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News Release

Contact: Banika Smith


Hands & Associates, Inc. (HANDS) has been awarded a contract to provide oversight of the tire cleanup at Michigan Tire Recycling Site. Michigan Tire Recycling received and recycled used tires on site, then ceased operation. The site of approximately 16,000 cubic yards of shredded and whole tires has been a persistent problem and threat to the area. Linda Stingl of the Eastside Industrial Council says, "For some neighboring businesses, the concern over their own safety has been strong enough that they’re considering relocating outside Detroit and even Michigan". The property is now owned by the First Calvary Baptist Church. Previous attempts by the church to have the tires removed by the former owner have been unsuccessful. Jay Dusenberry of AJAX stated, "Although the size has diminished from the 300,000 tires from the fall of 1998, it is still significant enough to continue to threaten the safety and livelihood of all businesses and families working and living in our neighborhood". The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality-Environmental Response Division (MDEQ-ERD) was finally called in to assist.

In accordance with the awarded contract, HANDS will provide the DEQ and their contractor, Tetra Tech NUS with bid specifications, which will be used to secure a tire removal/disposal company. The tire removal operation will stress the safe and rapid removal and environmentally sound disposal of the tires.

HANDS will also provide oversight of the tire removal contractor to ensure the project goes as planned. Linda Stingl added, "The cleanup of Michigan Tire Recycling, expedited swiftly, will go a long way to increase area businesses confidence in the area, confidence in the city and state, and stem the tide of businesses in Detroit".

HANDS, a Detroit-based business, is honored to participate in addressing issues of concern to the community, its residents and local industrial businesses. Charles Barker, project manager for Hands & Associates, says, "We look forward to working with all parties concerned to make this problem go away as efficiently as possible. Hands & Associates, Inc., was incorporated in the State of Michigan in June 1993". The firm originally specialized in air quality compliance. Since that time, Hands & Associates, Inc., has grown and expanded and now provides a wide range of services to customers in environmental and safety management.

Hands & Associates’ aim is to assist our customers to systemically improve their environmental and safety performance as enhancements to their overall endeavor. Hands & Associates, Inc. is the developer of File-Logicä , the structured method for storing and finding valuable compliance-related documents when needed. HANDS's customers range from large utilities to small machine shops. For more information about Hands & Associates, Inc., call toll free at (313) 963-8870 or stop by the website at www.hands-assoc.com.