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Facility Evaluation Program Helps Companies Identify Areas for Environmental Improvement

by Charles Barker 

Some smart and lucky companies in Kalamazoo County feel better about where they stand on environmental management at their facilities. They’re smart because by participating in an innovative County program they have experts in environmental management help them improve their operations, they’re lucky because the program is free of charge to them. The program, offered by the Kalamazoo County’s Business Environmental Education & Assistance Program (call Connie Sells at (616) 373-5389) provides a confidential review of a facility’s operations in terms of groundwater protection/pollution prevention strategies. Hands & Associates was selected as one of three environmental consulting firms to perform the Facility Evaluations.

The facility evaluations take about one-half to one day on site working with the person assigned to handle environmental issues at a company. Whether a company is relatively advanced in their environmental management system or just thinking about getting started, the program has proved worthwhile. From my perspective, I’ve seen a lot of peace of mind generated from the program for individuals who want to get a better handle on environmental issues at their facility but didn’t know where to start