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Survey Says,…

by Banika Smith  

Hands & Associates, Inc. has conducted two breakfast seminars on recordkeeping for air permits. These breakfast seminars were designed to provide a one-hour informative session on environmental and/or safety issues. Hands & Associates, Inc. provided the opportunity to learn about environmental and safety management tools that, once implemented, are proven to improve current environmental and safety management systems.

The content of the survey included basic questions regarding a facility's current recordkeeping system and the perceived value of implementing Hands & Associates' EMS and/or Safety recordkeeping system, File-Logic™. The File-Logic™ "Tool" provides a structured, organized and innovative method of storing valuable documents, data and compliance related information. If used as a process, File-Logic™ is a simple, effective and affordable way that is proven to increase a company’s level of control over environmental and safety issues.

The purpose of the survey was to obtain an industry overview of current recordkeeping systems, the interest in improvement, and the value of having a system that has been proven to work. Our survey result reveled that 80% of those facilities that have implemented File-Logic would rate their recordkeeping system as being ‘good’. Of the facilities not using File-Logic, 75% rated their current recordkeeping system as 'poor' or 'needs improvement'. The survey also showed, 100% in attendance believed that File-Logic would be a productive tool at their facility. Members in attendance at the seminars were individuals within a manufacturing plant that are responsible for meeting the requirements of many different environmental and safety regulations. Therefore, as an overall summary of our survey, when the industry was asked how to provide proof of environmental compliance, survey says,….."Recordkeeping"!