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Hands & Associates, Inc. 

The April 5, 1999 issue of Crain's Detroit Business featured an article describing Hands & Associates, Inc. File-Logic™ system. The article, written by Terry Kosdroski of Crain's starts out saying, "The File-Logic™ system invented by environmental consultants Hands & Associates, Inc. can be a hard sell".

Crain's and Terry Kosdroski did a wonderful job of presenting File-Logic in the article. They understood the beauty and elegance of the system. Crain's wrote that Hands & Associates developed File-Logic after seeing customers get lazy with environmental and safety paperwork. "Customers would ask us to get their act together, and we'd sort through their stuff, and it would be OK for that time but not later on," said Terry Begnoche, a partner at Hands & Associates. "We asked ourselves, 'How can we make this stand the test of time and give them ownership of the system?" they don't need us to keep it going."

Crain's interviewed customers of File-Logic and obtained some insightful comments such as, "At first I thought, 'It's just a filing system.' But we have had situations where a plant manager is skeptical but goes to the File-Logic when an inspector comes in and finds exactly what they want. It can reduce a two-hour inspection to a 15-minute or half-hour inspection."

One user of File-Logic stated that, "the File-Logic system put everyone at ease. Whenever the MDEQ or EPA comes in, everybody kind of panics. Now we have more information than they'll ever need, and we know where to get it," she said. "That's the most important part."

The File-Logic manual also leads a business to learning what kinds of records are needed and raises red flags. Larry Hands says, "It lets you know what's there, what isn't there and why it's not there".

File-Logic keeps all records for employee safety, emissions, toxic releases, wastewater and other permit-requiring operations in one place. The file outline was designed to let anybody find quickly the record or permit needed. It builds corporate memory so that as people change and move on, the corporate memory remains. Call us today to order your File-Logicä system .