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News Release

Contact: Banika Smith

Telephone: (313) 963-8870

Date: June 10, 1999



Hands & Associates, Inc. (HANDS) recently completed a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) of an area covering several city blocks in east Detroit for Habitat for Humanity (Habitat). Habitat plans to construct affordable housing in the area, which currently contains many vacant lots. The infill technique of constructing new homes next to existing homes will enhance the viability of the existing neighborhood. "Prior to purchase and redevelopment of a property, a Phase I ESA is performed to determine if any evidence of environmental issues such as contaminated soil or hazardous material releases may be present," says Charles Barker, Geologist with HANDS. HANDS prepared the Phase I ESA (which typically costs thousands of dollars) at no charge to Habitat.

HANDS assessed the environmental condition of the properties by reviewing a previous environmental report, and conducting a site investigation of the properties and surrounding area. By performing the environmental service for Habitat, progress on home building can take place as planned.

"We at Hands & Associates, Inc. are pleased to support Habitat for Humanity. This is an organization that has the management systems to get projects completed efficiently and quickly" says Larry Hands, president of Hands & Associates, Inc. He continues, "We are also excited about Habitat for Humanity investing its time and know how into Detroit neighborhoods. Detroit is our corporate hometown."

Hands & Associates, Inc., was incorporated in the State of Michigan in June 1993. The firm originally specialized in air quality compliance. Since that time, Hands & Associates, Inc., has grown and expanded and now provides a wide range of services to customers in environmental and safety management. Hands & Associatesí aim is to assist our customers to systemically improve their environmental and safety performance as enhancements to their overall endeavor. Hands & Associates, Inc. is the developer of File-Logicš , the structured method for storing and finding valuable compliance-related documents when needed. HANDS's customers range from large utilities to small machine shops.

HANDS was pleased to assist Habitat for Humanity in meeting the need for an environmental assessment of the properties for future homes. For more information about Habitat for Humanity and in-kind donations call (((313))) 521-6691 or visit their website at www.habitatdetroit.org. For more information about Hands & Associates, Inc., call toll free at (313) 963-8870 or stop by the website at www.hands-assoc.com.