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News Release

Contact: Banika Smith

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Date: November 23, 1999



Manufacturers, Energy providers and HealthCare facilities are being buried under tons of paper needed to show compliance with the environmental and safety aspects of their operations. Hands & Associates, Inc. has developed the solution for cost-effective storage and fast access to these important documents. Partnering with ImageSoft and Information Management Research (IMR), Hands & Associates, Inc. is introducing eFile-Logic™ for electronic recordkeeping, archival and retrieval.

Representatives from electric utilities, waste and wastewater treatment processes, chemical-manufacturing and health-care facilities attended an introductory seminar. Mr. Brad Davidson, the environmental director for PVS Chemicals stated: "I can see that eFile-Logic™ would be a powerful tool for our organization. The system can provide fast access to needed documents through a range of search techniques. I am especially excited because eFile-Logic™ provides for easy distribution of files and records. This means that I can periodically audit the records of our multiple distant facilities without leaving my office and thereby reduce expensive travel."

Steve Glisky, president of ImageSoft stated: "The eFile-Logic™ system is very flexible. Besides including scanned files, we can import hundreds of computer file formats. The optical character recognition system that we use provides for full-text search capability. The eFile-Logic™ structure encompasses the full range of environmental and safety issues that a company may have."

Larry Hands, president of Hands & Associates, Inc., stated: "I am excited about this new product that we created in partnership with ImageSoft and IMR. Our customers are seeing that this system is extremely powerful and has applications beyond environmental and safety compliance. I am thrilled to be able to offer our customers this tool that has such powerful applications throughout their business."

Hands & Associates, Inc., was incorporated in the State of Michigan in June 1993. The firm originally specialized in air quality compliance. Since that time, Hands & Associates, Inc., has grown to provide high-quality environmental and safety management services to manufacturers and energy providers. Hands & Associates’ aim is to assist our customers to improve their environmental and safety performance systemically as enhancements to their overall endeavor. For more information about Hands & Associates, Inc., call toll free at (313) 963-8870 or stop by the website at www.Hands-assoc.com. IMR is at www.imrgold.com.