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Health Care

Health Care

Health Care

Air Quality Services

bullet A Hospital in Detroit needed an Air permit application and negotiations with MDEQ for new boiler plant and new emergency generators. Because of the location of the emergency generators, AERMOD dispersion modeling required a high degree of refinement to show compliance. In addition, the new equipment would trigger the need for a renewable operating permit. We handled all aspects for them and negotiated successfully with DEQ.

bullet We managed the Renewable operating permit process for a hospital with waste incinerator and boiler plant.

Environmental Management Services

bullet We performed environmental management services for commercial autoclave operator.

bullet Our health Care specific Operations reviews for environmental or safety management systems help facilities identify areas for improvement and allow prioritization of efforts.

bullet Generally, large hospitals are subject to the federal spill prevention, control and countermeasure (SPCC) plan requirement. We have worked with hospitals to develop SPCC plans that both meet the needs of the hospital and meet the federal rule requirements.

bullet Our File-Logic™, the environmental and/or safety filing system, can be used by Health Care facilities as a structural method to organize, store and retrieve valuable documents and information.

Environmental Services

bullet We performed a Baseline Environmental Assessment (BEA) at a property proposed for development of a medical center. The investigation revealed contamination beneath fill material at certain portions of the site. The property contained a berm which was constructed from surface soils and construction debris from an adjacent parcel. The berm was intended to buffer an adjacent residential property from a newly developed commercial property. Evaluation of polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbon (PNA) concentrations and total arsenic concentration in soil samples deemed the site a facility under Part 201. The Phase I ESA for the site (which recommended soil borings to determine the necessity of the BEA process) involved use of Detroit Edison's Aerial Photography library for identification of potential environmental issues, visual site observations, and interviews with site employees. Soil borings and soil sample collection of the Phase II ESA was planned to obtain the necessary information with the minimum amount of subsurface sampling. The BEA was submitted to DEQ upon completion. HANDS worked closely with the DEQ to identify the correct test matrices and to submit the proper information to obtain exemption of liability for the customer. Close coordination with the DEQ ensured approval of the BEA upon first submittal.

bullet We perform thorough yet cost-effective Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment services and Baseline Environmental Assessment reports for hospital mergers and acquisitions.

bullet We can perform Hospital-wide mercury management planning.

Safety Services

bullet A major pharmaceutical firm purchased several File-Logic Safety Modules as a structural method to organize, store and retrieve valuable documents and information at several facilities.