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Air Quality Services

bulletWe provided critical Clean Air Act compliance assistance including new source review and renewable operating permit applications and negotiations for paint manufacturing, chemical, adhesive, coating, plating and other manufacturing processes.

bulletWe successfully obtained air permits for a facility that was under Consent Order for solid waste violations and was unaware of their air permit requirements. We negotiated the permits with the Agency without penalties for the company.

bulletWhen a company needed guidance and structure to their air emission recordkeeping requirements, we developed facility specific SmartFormsTM to help manage and maintain compliance with Special Conditions of their air permits. The recordkeeping task became simple and routine, freeing up staff time for other operational needs.

bullet We regularly perform air quality dispersion modeling to meet the needs of site-specific operations.

bulletStack testing was performed for adhesive coating operation and metal pickling operation to ensure compliance.

bulletWe participated in organizing and presenting a seminar on the Clean Air Act Section 112r Risk Management Program sponsored by the Michigan Chemical Council and Michigan Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Assistance Division. The seminar helped attendees to better understand the program, its applicability to their operations, and provided resources for assistance.

bulletOur developing an air-use permit application for allowing the treatment of organic-containing waste streams ended up being a facility-wide air permit that appropriately limited a liquid waste processor’s air emissions so that they are not considered a major source for renewable operating purposes.

bulletWhen a facility needed to handle rail car unloading of hydrochloric acid, we provided scrubber design and purchase assistance plus new-source-review-air permit for a replacement scrubber.

bulletBy understanding the mechanism for byproduct odor production, we were able to develop a cost-effective scrubber design along with achievable input material control to solve a tricky odor problem. Our scrubber design and purchase assistance for replacement scrubber properly addressed neighborhood odor concerns.

Environmental Management Services

bulletWe mentor and coach environmental managers and staff to develop comprehensive environmental management systems at steel, chemical and manufacturing plants. We work at all levels from top management stressing support to operators and maintenance teams.

bulletOur approach to training both environmental managers and employees on the shop floor helps to minimize the risk of accidents and spills, which could result in large cleanup costs.

bulletWe developed the File-Logic™, the environmental and/or safety filing system used as a structured method to organize, store, and retrieve valuable documents and information used at paint manufacturing, brake manufacturing, steel processing, and chemical facilities.

bulletWe saw the need for, then developed the SmartForm™ recordkeeping system for coating operations, solvent blending operations and paint manufacturing operations.

bulletWe custom design and perform Multi-media "mock inspections" and/or "operation reviews" to measure the effectiveness of the environmental management system at a number of facilities.

bulletWe mesh a Company’s existing ISO 9000/QS 9000 Quality Programs with the ISO 14001 environmental management system needs for a time and cost saving integration of the two related programs.

bulletWe conduct informative and productive ISO 14001 training seminars for manufacturers. Our training builds on a company’s existing programs and corporate philosophy to avoid "reinventing the wheel" and providing an easy transition through familiarity.

bulletBy using our Environmental Management System Operation Review, Companies get a "snap-shot" of their operations, both positive aspects, and areas needing improvement.

bulletBy conducting Operations Reviews, we can design and implement training for continual improvement.

Environmental Services

bulletWe develop plans and compile existing plans to produce integrated contingency plans (ICP) for a number of facilities.

bulletWe determine whether a company needs (or doesn’t need) various regulatory driven plans such as Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures Plan (SPCC), Pollution Incident Prevention Plan (PIPP), Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWP3) and then produce the plans tailored to the Company’s specific situation.

bulletWe provide storm water operator services and storm water plan development for a number of facilities that do not have the personnel or time to keep up with their General Permit obligations.

bulletWe Prepare Michigan Air Emission Reporting System (MAERS) forms and SARA Form R reports for customers with complex reporting needs and assure on-time delivery to the agency. We cross-reference and check the air permits at a facility to make sure the correct information is recorded and that the links between the various reporting requirements acts to reduce cost and confusion.

bulletWe conduct thorough Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessments and Baseline Environmental Assessments (BEAs) for real estate transfers and due diligence. Our approach and product provides a high level of liability protection for new owners purchasing property.

bulletWe are actively involved in the evaluation, remediation management and closure work for a facility dealing with subsurface petroleum contamination. We streamline the investigation process to obtain the necessary information and minimize costs.
bulletWe provide UST closure for underground storage tanks. Our staff has been involved with numerous tank removals, remediation and closure activities in a variety of hydrogeological settings.

bulletThe DEQ expeditiously accepted our Baseline Environmental Assessment for historic industrial property that required a Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Assessment.

bulletHANDS reacted quickly to a request by a major Detroit Chemical Company when it needed to assess the potential for environmental impacts at an active manufacturing operation and associated property in Iowa. The assessment included an update of a previous consultant's Phase I ESA report and collection of soil and groundwater samples for analysis to assist in evaluating the property for purchase. HANDS determined the location and depth of soil sampling based on the present and historic operations at the site. Investigation results did not indicate significant environmental impacts and the sale was completed within weeks of the final report.

bulletFor a repeat customer, we performed a Phase 1 and Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment as the company was looking to purchase a facility in Houston, Texas.

bulletWe provided environmental oversight management assistance to property owners and legal counsel for closure of a contaminated former industrial facility. Our services included managing the environmental consultant, supervising field activities that consisted of subsurface remedial investigations, reviewing or preparing needed reports and working with the regulatory agency to minimize project cost. The customer was required to perform the closure activities to meet their contractual obligation for the transfer of the property to a new owner.

Safety Services

bulletWe provided Gap Analysis of Safety Management System at plants in Illinois and Indiana. The results allowed plans for actions to improve conditions at the plants and reduce risk.

bulletWe have installed the File-Logic™ Safety Module at a large manufacturing facility and the File-Logic Safety Module was purchased by a major Pharmaceutical Company and a municipal wastewater treatment plant. All facilities see value with the system to help mange and maintain Safety related records and documents.

bullet We worked with a wastewater treatment process to develop process safety management systems for chlorination and dechlorination processes.

bullet We worked with a number of companies to define indoor air quality concerns and develop appropriate cost-effective mitigation strategies.