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Our Key Staff Consultants

Larry Hands

Extension 12

Mr. Hands formed Hands & Associates, Inc., in 1993. Since that time, the environmental and safety consulting firm has grown and expanded under his leadership. Larry is a registered professional engineer and a diplomate in the American Association of Environmental Engineers. 

Mr. Hands has prepared and negotiated federal PSD, nonattainment and state air-use permit applications. He has also prepared and negotiated Title 5 Renewable Operating Permits. Mr. Hands has prepared documentation for Federal Energy Regulatory Commission approvals including air quality and noise impact assessments. Additional project work that Mr. Hands has performed or overseen includes installing environmental management tools, developing integrated contingency plans, and permitting above-ground storage tanks. 

In his spare time, he is involved in public transportation issues in the Detroit Metropolitan Area. Call Larry for his expertise of air quality permits for new and existing facilities.

Charles Barker

Extension 15

Charles Barker works closely with facility personnel to develop the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for the facility's environmental needs. Mr. Barker has 20 years of experience working in the environmental consulting field, including his own firm in Boston, MA. In these positions he assisted small and large companies with environmental compliance issues and conducted many subsurface environmental investigations at abandoned waste sites, landfills and manufacturing plants. He completed a six-month assignment working on-site at a major transportation corporation headquarters where he assisted with the evaluation and prioritization of environmental issues at facilities across Michigan. Charles successfully completed a tire cleanup oversite job to remove 16,000 cubic yards of tires from a facility. In addition, he has worked with customers on remediation issues, waste determination issues, and environmental management issues. He especially enjoys helping customers implement FileLogic as he sees real growth and understanding coming from his clients during this process.

Charles is involved with many organizations outside of work including the American Heritage Rivers organization. He is an adjunct professor at both Wayne State University and Wayne County Community College teaching courses in environmental geology and environmental sampling. Call for Charles' expert advice on pollution prevention plans.