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Tools Developed by
Hands & Associates, Inc.




The hardcopy filing system that takes the anxiety out of regulatory inspections. File-Logic is a structured method for storing and finding valuable compliance related documents. File-Logic™ can stand the test of time and give ownership of a simple and effective environmental and/or safety management system. File-Logic™ consists of more than 150 labeled hanging file folders with matrix and manual ready to be dropped into two to four drawers of a file cabinet. If file folders are empty, should they be? Both environmental and safety modules are available. File-Logic™ can be a key component to satisfy the requirements of element 4.5.1 of ISO 14001.


We have teamed with ImageSoft and Information Management Research to develop eFile-Logic for electronic recordkeeping, archival and retrieval for important environmental and safety documents. The system can provide fast access to needed documents through a range of search techniques. It results in cost-effective storage and affordable distribution. eFile-Logic makes it possible now to safeguard your environmental and safety document assets. Documents are scanned or transferred directly into the eFile-Logic computer database. This database handles the wide range of the types of documents that are used to manage environmental and safety processes.

Waste Determination Form

Hands & Associates, Inc. has developed a structured procedure for appropriately categorizing a waste stream. We provide an unlimited license for a single facility to use an MSWord template (other word-processing programs can be supported) that leads a person through a step-by-step procedure to properly categorize a specific waste stream. The current system has been formulated and tested to meet current Michigan requirements.



Operation Reviews

HANDS’ developed the "Operations Review" as an assessment tool for continuous improvement in the areas of environmental performance and compliance. The purpose of the review is to determine the nature of environmental regulatory requirements potentially applicable to a facility and to establish a benchmark for existing conditions. We base the review primarily upon the types and general quantities of materials used by the facility. We review existing management-system practices, procedures, and documentation to identify both successful actions and opportunities for improvement. The review does not include calculation of material inventories, uses, and emissions but serves to assess the performance and documentation of the existing system. We can use the review results to help you to identify and prioritize elements of an action plan for improvement. As an assessment tool or gap analysis, the review is not a find and fix exercise.

Additionally, the "Operations Review" is useful for organizations wishing to perform an initial review as discussed in Appendix A.3.1 Environmental Aspects of ISO 14001:1996(E) and discussed further in clause 4.1.3 of ISO 14004:1996(E) Initial Environmental Review. The "Operations Review", unlike a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment or Environmental Audit, does not address historical land ownership/use, adjacent properties, or liability evaluations relative to selected waste recycling, treatment or disposal vendors.

Stormwater Inspection Report Form

Hands & Associates, Inc. has developed a stormwater inspection report form for facilities that need to comply with Michigan’s General Stormwater Permit requirement, Part 1, B, 6.b. This easy-to-use form contains all the elements necessary to meet the requirements in the general permit.

Smart Forms

Hands & Associates, Inc. can develop custom, recordkeeping templates to track discharges and/or emissions from a facility based on an understanding of material flow and process operation indicators. Typically, for any recordkeeping system, there are the variable process and material inputs and the relatively fixed process and material inputs. We use these data to develop output reports for recordkeeping purposes. Frequently, the result is a simple spreadsheet template consisting of a number of sections including a periodic report. Depending on conditions, the result also may be a computer program that queries existing databases to develop the periodic reports.



Mock Inspections

Hands & Associates, Inc. developed a procedure for performing multi-media "mock inspections" that has been used successfully for a number of facilities. In addition to testing the level of robustness of the environmental and/or safety management system at facilities, this process resulted in a much better understanding by facility operators of the environmental and/or safety aspects of their operation. This program is designed to minimize fear and maximize learning, therefore it is best done when there is a strong environmental and/or safety management system and recordkeeping system at the facility. This product could be a component of elements 4.5.1, 4.5.4 and 4.4.2 of the ISO 14001 standard. Both environmental and safety modules are available.